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Photo of DR. Julian Brinkley

I’m DR. Julian Brinkley…


…an Assistant Professor of Human-Centered Computing in Clemson University’s School of Computing. 
Thanks for visiting my website! Beyond simply serving as a repository for my CV and publications my goal is to make this site a source for resources and writings related to accessibility and HCI. 

I study a broad range of topics related to accessibility and I have a near lifelong interest in gaining insight into how best to leverage technology to support the social good. As an HCI researcher I explore how existing and emerging technologies may be used to improve the quality of human life and advance human existence. Recently, this interest has involved research focused on understanding the inclusive design of autonomous vehicle technologies with the goal of making this potentially life-changing technology accessible for people with disabilities and older adults.

While my vehicle-related research is a passion that we explore to great depth in my Design and Research of In-Vehicle Experiences Lab (DRIVE Lab), I also have an interest in exploring the accessibility of social networking sites, the usability of voting technologies and a number of topics in the software engineering realm. 

You can typically find my research in TACCESS, The International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, ASSETS, the Journal on Technology and Persons with Disabilities, and CHI.

To keep up to speed on what I’m working on follow me on Twitter @JulianBrinkley

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